About Us

FILE2FAB is a design group focused on helping individuals and companies develop ideas into successful, marketable and manufacturable products. Driven by a passion for great product design, we deliver concepts that are innovative, relevant and beautiful. Disciplined design thinking, problem solving and rapid prototyping allow us to develop new products for new markets or reinvigorate products in established markets.

As a result of our process, our customers grow their business, extend their brand and achieve their goals. Our customers are individuals, startups and brand leaders. Projects we engage in range in scale from human-centered to large built environments.

Call us at: 424 337 0040 for a free consultation.

Our Services

Our primary services are product design, engineering and prototyping. We also provide additive manufacturing (3D Printing), reverse engineering, visualization, 3D scanning and 3D software training services

3D Printing

3D Printing

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