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FILE2FAB is a leading provider of 3D scanning and 3D printing solutions. We have provided fast and accurate solutions to complex manufacturing problems in the aerospace, automotive, and consumer products industries. We specialize in helping clients streamline product development through the application of advanced 3D technology.

FILE2FAB can perform a variety of 3D Scanning tasks within 24 to 48 hours. Our 3D scans are used for reverse engineering, analysis, prototyping, product design, in game assets, scuplture and art preservation. We scan obects as large as a car and as small as jewelry with incredible accuracy. Come to our location or we can come to you. We have reverse engineered obsolete automotive consumer and industrial parts for re-engineering, preservation and re-manufacturing.

3D Scanning

A 3D scanner is a device that analyses a real-world object or environment to collect data on its shape and possibly its appearance. The data is then used to construct high resolution, digital 3D models. The collected 3D data is useful for a wide variety of applications such as reverse engineering, prototyping, product design, analysis, gaming, virtual and augmented reality, orthotics, prosthetics and preservation of cultural artifacts. In addition to 3D scanning and data collection, FILE2FAB offers mesh cleanup services and can create watertight high resolution files with textures in hundreds of digital file formats.

3D scanners measure the geometry of a physical part and convert it to a digital file format. The scan can then be used to acquire a digital base model of an object that can then be further 3D modeled or printed directly to a 3D printer. FILE2FAB can 3D scan a part or object and process it further with CAD software.

Typical workflows include dimensional and structural analysis. Reverse engineering can be used on a part that has no associated CAD or drawing data. Typically these scans are used as a starting point for a new design. We can perform scans in our office or in the field.

High Resolution Structured Light Scanning

We provide precision structured light scanning services for 3D scanning and object digitization. Our scanning work-flow uses a non-contact process so that parts do not need to be modified in any way. This has been an advantage for customers looking to preserve objects without damaging them.

Structured light scanners use ultra-high resolution cameras to create a massive point cloud of data. Our software then compares millions of these points and generates a precise and accurate virtual model that can be imported into a variety of CAD programs for further work and analysis.

Our software expertise allows us to reverse engineer the virtual part into a manufacturing ready CAM file. Scans are typically 0.001 of an inch in accuracy.Our scanners capture a denser point cloud making them more accurate than traditional laser scanners. Our scanning projects range from small to large plastic and metal parts, sheet metal forms, molded parts, sculptures and intricate prototypes.