Services: 3D Printing

3D Printing 3D printers synthesize data into successive layers of material creating a physical part. They create one or many parts of any shape or geometry. The speed of 3D printers allow fast turnaround of design and engineering parts. Design specifications of the part determine the printing materials and methods to be used. Our studio […]

Services: 3D Scanning

3D Scanning Provide us with a part. We will create a high resolution digital model.‚Äč 3D Scanning is the starting point for many design and engineering projects. The process produces a high resolution, 3D model of the original object. The scanner projects structured light onto the object, revealing, then capturing its features. Stereoscopic depth sensing […]

Services: Industrial Design

Industrial Design FILE2FAB designs innovative, breakthrough products and devices for a wide variety of customers in diverse industries. Our objective is to make your product creatively and technologically superior to others in a highly competitive marketplace. Our design, engineering and manufacturing team make countless decisions that shape the appearance, functionality and manufacturability of your product […]


Services We are your personal design studio. select one or any combination of our services to fit your needs. Industrial Design Reverse Engineering Prototyping 3D Scanning 3D Printing