A prototype represents an idea. It is a physical representation of an idea in an appearance or functional form.

Appearance prototypes allow quick evaluation of surface designs, colors and textures. Functional prototypes allow the assessment of the stress and durability of a part.

Prototypes are low cost, allowing many iterations of a design to be generated. Improvements to successive prototypes evolve the idea over time.

A final prototype simulates the form and function of the intended product. Prototypes help investors test the product’s marketability. Financial resources are then secured to produce it.

How we do it.

Our Los Angeles studio produces foam and paper mockups, SLA and FDM prototyping on site. Each prototyping project requires different manufacturing techniques.

Our network of suppliers, both regional and international, handle specialized manufacturing. We have links to manufacturers, who fabricate in prototype and mass-production quantities.

Materials & Methods

3D Printing