Make the next big thing.

File2fab is a Los Angeles based industrial design studio. We help people like you master complex product development challenges. Our process removes problems and creates opportunities for discovery and innovation. We make the intangible, tangible.

Core Competencies

We are your personal design studio. Select a service that fits your needs.

Industrial Design

We design products for all markets. Our expertise can help you punch into these markets with an exceptionally designed product of your own design. Let's get your product made.

Reverse Engineering

As engineers we love to take things apart and understand how they work. Deconstructing products uncovers weaknesses that can optimize your design.

Rapid Prototyping

Our team turns abstract ideas into tangible products through prototype iterations. We combine handcrafting techniques and cutting-edge tech to offer diverse solutions.

3D Printing

File2fab uses advanced technology to transform the digital into the physical. We specialize in creating precise appearance prototypes and functional parts for the consumer, automotive, entertainment, aerospace, and medical markets.

3D Scanning

Our advanced 3D scanners capture physical objects with extreme precision. Downstream, this scan data contributes to redesign and reverse engineering for manufacturing projects.

Let's Connect

Take the next step and schedule a free consultation with us. Let's talk about your idea and answer any questions you may have.

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Our Work

Shoe Gummi Orthopedic Device
ShapeSorter Interactive Toy
BAX-U Lumbar Correction Device
RockitBars Electric Handlebars

A Hollywood Icon Reimagined

See how FILE2FAB redesigned the iconic Golden Globe Award for the Hollywood Foreign Press Association.